Strategies of Survival

Branding. Research. Motion.

Will you accept the challenge?

The year is 2050, the sixth mass extinction has led to the collapse of humanity. Your mission is to find your team, test your skills, sustain and survive.

SOS designs possible end of the world scenarios by the fault of humans. The SOS endcamp is where amateur survivalist and enthusiasts go to test their skills and learn about sustainability.
SOS’s mission is to create awareness about the destruction of the earth by teaching people the real implications their everyday choices play on the future.

The teams would be catapulted into the future where resources are limited. They would be eliminated based on their ability to strategize their survival, re-design, and implement sustainable practices.

Desiphere the clues

Leading up to the reveal of the endcamp clues are sent out, posted about and shared across social media platforms. As clues are found they must be deciphered, located and translated.
This year the challenge is to survive the Holocentric Extinction, better known as the Sixth Mass Extinction. An extinction event of species, as a result of human activity.

Find the hidden messages

The goal of this ad campaign was to promote and recruit individuals to sign up for the SOS camp. I set out to create a set that would scare the viewer with a menacing message at first to catch their attention, “AN END WORSE THAN DEATH”. Then by educating them on the devastating future the sixth mass extinction will bring, they are faced with a problem.
As they find the other two poster ads, they are presented with the solution of living sustainably. And finally challenged of join the SOS endcamp. To engage the viewer pieces of a QR code where hidden within each add. Once they are assembled the background image is whole and the QR code becomes scannable.

Welcome to the endcamp

SOS is the only camp that teaches participants the implications their everyday choices play on the future of the earth. They bring awareness to global issues by challenging people to come together and save the future of the sphere.
The logo encapsulates that very message by combining the globe, infinity symbol and the morse code dots and dashes for the international signal of extreme distress, SOS. The elements are locked in an emblem designed to resemble a patch.

Gear up and head out

When promotional material like the ad campaign is deciphered, they are led to the website to buy tickets and gear for the event. Branded and high-quality gear is essential for building good brand recognition and promoting tribe mentality. Especially important to SOS that relies on people that signup for the event to invite their friends to join their teams.
Teams are given backpacks full of ephemera. Prints of a map, itinerary, and the morse code alphabet are included. To promote sustainable practices a journal is included with sustainability cues and tips. Teams are given initial sustainability survival ratings (SSR). When challenges are completed their SSR’s are re-evaluated and updated accordingly. 


I stayed true to SOS’s core mission, which is to engage and educate the public in a fun but impactful way. Through my research, I not only learned the importance of sustainability but the benefits of being sustainable through design. Not only does it cut costs if done correctly but positively impacts the way people view the role of a designer.
Sustainable Survival; meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

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