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Design Strategist. Brand Builder. Okay Cook
I am Yesenia Urquiza, a multidisciplinary design graduate from Texas State University with a BFA in Communication and Design. I enjoy the uncertainty that comes with reaching clarity on challenging projects. My design method has always been deeply rooted in critical thinking and meaningful creativity. Fueled by research, human-centered design principles and empathy, I can dig into projects to achieve impactful solutions. 

When it comes to designing catered solutions, I anchor myself to my empathy. Honing this skill has made me a robust designer and a damn good teammate. Working collaboratively not only makes designing more fun but delivers more unbiased and clever solutions. I am looking to join a team that are of the same mind.




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Favorite phrases: “Are you hungry?”, “Where do you want to go?”

In my spare time, I find solace in Netflix’s extensive and cheesy holiday rom-com selection. Test my courage with Semi-spooky, solo, two-hour hiking trips. And discover every comfortable laptop working position from home.

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