Kaidan Night Parade

Type. Packaging. Research.

Parade into the night

This exhibition invites you to a Kaidan Night Parade where you will be able to explore Japan’s Supernatural Art trough woodblock printed books and paintings. Just like in many cultures, folklore is an integral part of Japanese identity.

This exhibition will catapult you to eighteen century Japan where you will gather in the dark to join in on traditional Japanese storytelling, Kaidan. You will hear, learn and view these frightening demons, ghosts and goblins.
This project presented me with the task of conceptualizing an exhibition and accompanying components. My goal was to engage the audience by giving life to the beautiful yet horrifying woodblock paintings. 

Before the lights go out

Poster adds and tickets were created to promote the exhibition. They were inspired by traditional Japanese talismans and artwork.

The main typeface was chosen methodically to mimic traditional Japanese characters. An emblem is used throughout the design to act as a repellent to evil spirits.
To draw in more individuals this exhibition partnered up with a brand called TAKE. TAKE design eco-friendly, convenient, re-usable and portable option to everyday chopstick users. 

The packaging was designed to be torn apart at the dotted lines for on the go use. During the exhibition, these limited-edition chopsticks were going to be sold in the museums gift shop. 

Descending into the chaos

A storytelling aspect took shape within the exhibition catalog. Not only did the book serve the purpose of informing guests what to expect at the exhibition it told the terrifying folk stories associated with each woodblock painting ghouls and goblins.
To preserve traditional Japanese style, the catalog pages are arranged from right to left. Thus, what traditionally would be considered the back of the book in Western style books is now the first page.

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