Farmer’s Market

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Planting the seed

Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller is organized by F2M Texas, a non-profit organization centered around hosting and educating Central Texas producers and consumers to be a part of a sustainable food system.
Carla Jerkins is the founder of Farm to Market that first brought Farmers’ Markets to Central Texas. That later lead to collaborating with Catellus Development Corporation, to bring a farmers’ market to the Mueller neighborhood in 2012.
I would like to create something that highlighted how these communities have come together and for what reasons they choose to stay and play.
Sadly, not everyone has heard about all the great things that the farmers market has to offer so I would like to distribute a newspaper about what the market has to offer.

What I learned from my research

I got the pleasure of speaking with Katie Adams, the Director of Operations at the Texas Farmers’ Market in Mueller. She gave me great insight on what drives the vendors, the markets standards of sustainability and how they help the community. 

While researching I found how farmers markets really nurture local economies and make for healthier communities. I also discovered that the demographic for the surrounding area at Mueller was primarily made of low-income minorities.
My research put into perspective the direction of the newspaper. Which is to educate the public, on how the growth of the Texas Farmers Market will lead to the betterment of the surrounding communities.
I intended to do this by educating my audience on how supporting local farmers and buying fresh produce is not only good for their families but the communities economy.

A newspaper for the Mueller community

My approach when it came to designing the newspaper was to personify the playfulness of the market. I wanted to keep it fun and inviting by making the spreads a literal roadmap of how to find your way to the market. 
I added features to the newspaper that could not only educate but inform anyone in the family what the market has to offer. I did this by including articles about sustainability, healthy recipes, Q&A, reviews, a list of vendors and a poster of sustainable tips and tricks.

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